I cannot tell you how excited I am for this. It is going to be soo much fun. Hopefully you've read the intro by now but if not, let me give you an overview of what you can expect. Basically everything you could ever need for fashion... in one place. Trend reports, style ideas, maybe we'll throw in the mix fav beauty products... you get the point! BUT TODAY... for our first ever blog post we are going to be talking about whats trending this upcoming fall/winter season.


I just got back from MAGIC, which is a tradeshow, where I purchase inventory for the upcoming season and let. me. tell. you. THERE WAS SO MUCH GOOD STUFF. I don't know how in the world I narrowed it down to what I purchased. All I know is I don't know how I'm not going to show you everything I got for us!!! Okay lets get to it. The first thing that caught my eye for fall/winter was the trending colors. The first being... this FIRETRUCK RED that people are calling "Cherry Bomb" which I am completely here for!!!

I know red came be super intimidating for people BUT my challenge for you is to give it a shot! We may or may not have theeee most amazing fiery red sweater coming. Here are some of my favorite ways I've seen this color being used....






Next item that is trending this upcoming season is SCARVES. Like big oversized scarves. Who would have though that scarves would be trending again?! Not me. HAHAHA. Here are some of our favs!!!

Completely and utterly obsessed with this trend.

Next trend we have on the list is Winter Florals. This fun trend was seen alllll over the runway. Whether you are going for big florals or small ditsy florals, it adds such a fun pop to any outfit. While florals are often associated with spring and summer, this upcoming season sees the bloom of florals taking on a richer and more enchanting form. Picture yummy dark backgrounds adorned with delicate blooms. Here are some favs:

Had to give you a sneak peek of a pair of pants I got at MAGIC!!! This pair of grandma couch floral pants will not be coming off my body this fall/winter!

Our queen.

And that is all for this blog post! I hope you loved it! Stay tuned... there could be a part 2 coming....


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